"A Great (Book) Series For Early Childhood Character Building"

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A review in the February 2019 issue of Story Monsters Ink calls Baxter's Corner Collection 1 children's books "a great series for early childhood character building." The collection of six children’s books was released in the fall of 2018.

Story Monsters Ink is a digital monthly publication that features profiles on renowned and newly published authors, book reviews, movie reviews, and columns by bestselling authors and educators. It has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products, and services that includes receiving a Gold Mom’s Choice Award, being named among the “great magazines for kids and teens” by School Library Journal and being a 2016 Irwin Award winner for “Best Publisher of a Literary Magazine” and “Best Editorial Director.”

According to Story Monsters Ink reviewer Darleen Wohlfeil, “This is a great series for early childhood character building. Each adorable animal becomes relatable, and offers solutions and means to equip us to make good choices. Covering such topics as Respect for Others, Compassion, Resilience and Cooperation, plus so much more. Each story encourages us to accept ourselves, and to be the best we can be. Every book provides fun facts about the main animal characterized in the story. Along with helpful hints on how to maximize the stories learning potential, and make it personal to each reading audience. (Ages 5-9)”

Baxter’s Corner books introduce characters, who are part of the Baxter’s Corner community, and highlight specific behavioral themes such as respect, anti-bullying, compassion, determination and overcoming obstacles. The books focus on good choices to make in difficult or confusing situations and use the endearing animal characters to make the point. The goal is to provide both young readers, and the caregivers who may be reading to the child, strong examples of how to best approach some of the struggles that children face in today’s world.

Each title in the Baxter’s Corner Collection I has earned the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award®, including Ally AloneGerome Sticks His Neck Out, Ellema Sneezes and Sideways Fred. In addition to the Mom’s Choice Award®, Oakley in Knots received the 2018 Creative Child Award and What a Tree It Will Be!  was honored with the 2018 International Book Excellence Award.

The books are designed for discussion and each features an important “Go Beyond” section, which provides additional ideas, questions and activities that specifically support the theme of the book, including a “Stop and Think” page to help reinforce the point of the story, make connections to real life situations, and motivate the child to be his or her best self.

Baxter’s Corner Collection I retails for $95.00, a package discount on the total price of $111.78 if the books are purchased individually. To receive an additional 15% discount on any purchase of $25.00 or more, purchasers should use the Promotional Code: SML010119 at BaxtersCorner.com only.

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