Customer Thanks Us In Rhyme!

A customer, who bought a set of our books for his cousin's young child, surprised us with this Thank You note. He is so good at rhyme, we may just recruit him to write a book for us! Thank YOU, Jonathan, for your kind words. Happy reading!
                         Dear Baxter's Corner,

I truly love books and I love to read.
I know it’s important and a parent's good deed.
I love to write poems and I love to learn more,
'cause when I was young I’d read on the floor.
I’d read on the floor and I’d read in my seat.
I’d read in a tree or just on my feet.
I’d read at the grocer or driving somewhere.
I’d read all the time with nary a care.
So yeah, I must say, I loved all your books!
I love that they rhyme, and the leap that you took.
I admire your courage and admire the good deed.
All kids should read books and all parents should heed!

                                                                                       By Jonathan Burton

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