You cannot always control what happens to you. Other people will make decision that affect you, sometimes in ways that make you feel angry, sad, disappointed or afraid. Resilience is the ability to overcome and recover from difficulties.

STOP & THINK - You always have a choice about how to rspond to difficult situations, even when they are the result of someone else's actions. Here are choices of the things you can do when your circumstances are difficult. Talk with an adult who can help you decide what to do in your situation:

Identify the emotions you have a result of a difficult situation.

  • Find ways to express your emotions:
    • Can you tell someone how you feel?
    • Can you write or draw a picture about how you are feeling?
    • Can a physical activity like running help you work out your feelings?
    • Can you calm yourself down by taking deep breaths?
  • Understand you are not responsible for another person's choices or actions.
  • Look for ways to overcome the obstacles the situation presents. For example, if you cannot spend time with a parent, then a solution might be to send a letter or drawing to keep in touch.

What other things can you do to improve your situation?

What things are out of your control?