World Civility Day - April 11


Happy World Civility Day!

In this current culture of intolerance and social toxicity, we are encouraged to see that April 11th has been designated World Civility Day. We want to help make sure that everyone is aware of this opportunity in the hopes that they will participate in some small way.

We believe that diligence in shaping the character and values of young children will go a long way toward refuting such unfortunate behaviors as bullying, disrespect, and even physical violence.  We created our books in response to the uncivil behavior we are seeing right here in our own community; fights on school buses, unruly kids roaming shopping malls and gang-related violence.

One way we all can make a difference to the children in our lives is by modeling a positive path toward understanding, acceptance and respect. To that end, World Civility Day would seem to be the perfect time to take a breath and think before speaking, giving yourself that needed moment to assess what you say and reflect on how the way you say it may affect others.

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