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“As an educator of seventeen years and a parent of two young children I am always looking for books to help start discussions of relevant topics. Families come in many different structures and sizes. I think it is important for children to be able to openly discuss how all families are different and unique. In this book, there are many opportunities to discuss family diversity and inclusion of all different types. There are many extensions at the end of the book that create strong conversation starters for such a relevant topic with children today. I think all children could relate to and connect with a family from the story.” 

Sarah Gregory on Jul 08, 2021 Educator and Parent

“Who’s Who with Mr. McBoom focuses on all different families by introducing our eight main characters. We give you the opportunity to speak to your values as a family and what you think is important to your child in their early learning years. Simply ask the questions in the back of the book, you will be surprised where a conversation might lead you.

Building Character is Child's Play®

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A corner in my first grandson’s nursery was created where wonderful paintings and puppets of animals of all kinds lived. Hours were spent telling stories about his animal friends and learning shapes and colors from the paintings that lived in this enchanted room. Today my legacy lives on where that magic still happens with the same animal characters! This vision is now Baxter’s Corner.

Each story features a GoBeyond section to develop a fun playful way to transform the subject into a conversation with a child. The stories are written for birth to 8, however during a series of pilot programs, we loved to see the older siblings join in the conversations and help with the activities.

In the moment of reading to a child, you are drawn closer together to have fun and stretch the imagination. This is a space where opportunities for life lessons and teachable moments appear. This shapes a child’s character for years to come while building responsibility and accountability. Children are motivated to make positive behavior choices as they begin to understand how their actions affect themselves and others. 

Mary Ellen Stottmann, Founder & Chief Crayon