How to use Baxter’s Corner Books

Baxter’s Corner books are for everyone.

They can be used in a multitude of ways within a variety of circumstances. Our books are entertaining, and purposeful. The unique community of animals and the obstacles they face are reflective of our current society. Baxter’s Corner is committed to presenting values and other essential life skills in order to create a positive change for future generations.

For the parent, caregiver, or any adult reading to an infant or elementary-aged child:

  1. Baxter’s Corner books are meant to encourage intentional discussion of responsible choices and ethical behavior.
  2. Each book focuses on a particular value and the consequences when that value is not embraced.
  3. In the back of the book, our Go Beyond section offers discussion questions and other activities to reinforce what matters most from the story.
  4. Parents often find it difficult to bring up and speak to challenging topics with their children. Baxter’s Corner books illustrate ways to approach these conversations.

For the child:

  1. Baxter’s Corner books are lovable and inviting. Young children are naturally attracted to the rhyme, vibrant illustrations, and engaging stories.
  2. Our books are accessible for readers under the age of eight years old; however, we maintain that the child will receive the maximum benefit when guided by an adult reader.

For the educator:

  1. Today, the instruction of character development and life skills largely falls on the schools. Baxter’s Corner books are an excellent resource to further the goal and involvement of educators as they work to instill positive choices in children.
  2. Our books are not typical schoolbooks for early readers. Baxter's Corner books offer the opportunity for the educator to go beyond the story to teach crucial values and essential skills.
  3. Our Go Beyond section provides the educator with resources and activities that allow for greater understanding and absorption of the message.

For the librarian, bookstore owner, camp counselor, and other community readers:

  1. Similar to educators, the local community is often called upon to present critical topics that significantly impact a child’s life.
  2. Baxter’s Corner books provide support for individuals who wish to nurture today’s child in a responsible and respectful manner.

The time to sit, the time to read, and the time to share is something that cannot not be overstated as invaluable for young learners.

What makes Baxter’s Corner books unique?

  • Help to develop critical thinking skills
  • Focus on good choices and ethical values
  • Include a diverse array of animal characters
  • Written in rhyme to engages young listeners/readers
  • Present the benefits of adopting values and the consequences of not adopting those values 
  • Cover a range of values throughout the collection
  • Perfect for character development education
  • Provide the opportunity for discussion
  • Provide educators with guidelines for teaching
  • They are for everyone!

 “We think of reading in lots of different ways, but I don’t know that we think of reading this way, … Reading aloud to your child improves behavior. A child learns how to control themselves and learns from different situations presented in stories about how to model good behavior. The interaction of reading offers a multitude of behavioral benefits to the young child as they are so impressionable.”

Reading Aloud, Play and Social-Emotional Development,”

Published in The Journal Pediatrics.
Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, Associate Professor of Pediatrics
New York University School of Medicine