How to use Baxter's Corner products together

How our products work together:

Each removable wall decal features an illustration from one of our story books. As your child becomes familiar with the stories, the decals will reinforce the conversations you have about the book or from the Go Beyond section. The canvases are paintings of puppet animals on which the stories are based. They are great for developing your child’s imagination, encouraging your child to embellish the stories with their own details. For instance, Gerome the Giraffe’s mom must be so proud of shy Gerome when he saves Tajo the Tarantula from a bully.

3 months old to when your child is beginning to talk:

Begin by reading each page of rhyme, talk through what you see in the drawing in the story book associated with what you have just read. As your child begins to talk, go to the wall decal that matches the story and point to the picture. This helps your child learn to apply the vocabulary they are building to the world around them. The wall paintings are also designed for early learning of colors and shapes.

A talking child:

At this stage, your child might memorize part of the story and want to say it while you point out the words in the story book, which fosters early reading skills. Your child will have fun using the puppet to act out scenes from the story as well as develop his or her own adventures for the puppet. A great use of the puppet is to prompt early discussions about the content of the story. While the Go Beyond section of each book is geared to older children, with very young children the puppet can “read” the Fun Facts about the animals and “ask” the child questions about the story.

As your child grows:

As children grow, they begin to understand many concepts. Conversations about the stories will help your child develop critical thinking skills and learn how to make good choices. Activities in the Go Beyond section of each book, including the Stop & Think page, will give you many ways to talk through the process of making choices based on a growing sense of empathy and an understanding of consequences.

All of these elements work together to help your child develop important social, motor, educational and interpersonal skills. That's why we say, "Building Character is Child's Play.®"