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Our Mission

Baxter's Corner mission is to use creativity and storytelling to affect behavior chioices through open discussion between children and adults about values and ethical topics that challenge us in today's world.

Why We Do What We Do

"American families are facing a crisis of authority, where the kids are in charge, out of shape emotionally and physically, and suffering because of it."

           Source - 'The Collapse of Parenting':
Parents need to take charge or kids will suffer
The Chicago Tribune

"Research shows that children who have not learned appropriate, non-coercive ways to interact socially by around 8 years of age will likely continue displaying some degree of antisocial behavior throughout their lives."

          Source - Heading Off Disruptive Behavior
                     American Federation of Teachers

“Behavior issues that interfere with teaching and learning have notably worsened, according to an astonishing 62 percent of teachers who have been teaching in the same school for five or more years."

Source - Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on the Teaching Profession

"Common sense — along with a growing body of research — shows that mastering social skills early on can help people stay out of trouble all the way into their adult lives."

Source - Why Emotional Learning May Be As Important As The ABCs

"Learning includes developing time-management skills, making choices, meeting deadlines, and coping with possible failure. This becomes harder when adults try to make students' lives too easy."

Source - When Helping Hurts, by David Cutler