Your actions and words are very important. How you behave affects other people. Compassion means that you care when another person is sad, hurt or facing a difficult challenge, and you want to help.

STOP & THINK - You always have a choice about what to do or not to do, even if someone is being unfair or mean. How you choose to act can make a difference in what happens next. Here are some choices of ways to respond to a bully. Talk with an adult who can help you plan what to do in this situation.

  • Decide not to let someone else make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Ignore or avoid the other person.
  • Ask a friend to stand with you.
  • Tell someone who is being mean that you want them to stop what they are doing.
  • If someone hurts you or threatens to hurt you, tell an adult.

What other choices do you have?
What might happen if you do nothing at all?