Make the Most of Being at Home


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Dear Baxter's Community,

In light of the recent COVID-19 news and the impact it’s having on our schools, communities, and work spaces, we wanted to send out a friendly reminder to try and make the most of your time at home with your kids. We often forget during these uncertain and worrisome times that while you and your kids may feel stuck, you can use it as an opportunity to bond and pick up those books you’ve been waiting to read.

Our hearts also go out to all of those affected by the virus and we hope you stay safe, healthy, and happy at home

With our books, the learning and fun doesn’t end when the story is over; at the back of each of our books is a “Go Beyond” section with meaningful activities that allow for you to tackle hard subjects like bullying, manners, being different than others, single-parent families, respecting authority, and working together. Head to our website to order from our collection and you’ll have no shortage of things to read and do from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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