Study shows the importance of 'Social Competency' of Children

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At Baxter's Corner, we are dedicated to improving what we call Social Literacy, what others have termed Social Competency.

Results of a 19-year study of kindergartners show the importance of social skills, both in academic and overall success in life.

"Pro-social behavior matters, even at a young age. And because it can be learned, it's a great target for prevention or intervention efforts."

Researchers asked kindergarten teachers to evaluate their young students using a "Social Competency Scale," by rating stating abouts their behavior and interpersonal skills. Nineteen years later, the researchers followed up with those same children, now adults, to see if their early social skills "had any predictive behavior."

According to the study, "kids who related well to their peers, handled their emotions better, and were good at resolving problems went on to have more successful lives."

Because social behaviors can be learned and unlearned, it's never too late to change.

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