Gerome the Giraffe and the Corn Maze


From the Around the Corner Newsletter, Issue 7:

Dear Diary,
     Today was the big Fall Festival in Baxter's Corner. I had so much fun with my friends! There were games, a hayride, and lots of good food. This year there was a new activity -- a giant corn maze.
     Because I'm so tall, it wasn't much of a challenge for me. I could see the way out no matter how far into the maze I went. I was able to get through the maze very quickly.
     It was more difficult for my shorter friends to find their way way out. They kept making wrong turns. Ally the Alligator and Olivia the Baby Orangutan were the last of our group to make it through. Ally was frustrated and her tail started to wave and she accidentally knocked over some of the corn stalks, which just made things worse. Olivia tried to climb up the stalks to see the way out, but the stalks were too slim to hold her.

     When I heard them talking about being lost, I was able to locate them easily and guide them to the exit. I was glad I could help. We all had an A-Maze-ing day at the Fall Festival!


 Your friend,
 Gerome the Giraffe

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