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Coping with an incarcerated parent...
Standing up to bullies...
Overcoming a physical challenge...

These are just some of the situations Baxter’s Corner book characters find themselves in as they work toward identifying positive solutions and making good behavioral choices. The first six illustrated books are now available as a Collection and for a limited time special offer only.

Each book in the series introduces characters, who are part of the Baxter’s Corner community, and highlights a specific behavioral theme such as respect, anti-bullying, compassion, perseverance and overcoming obstacles. The books focus on good choices to make in difficult or confusing situations and use the endearing animal characters to make the point. The goal is to provide both young readers, and the caregivers who may be reading to the child, strong examples of how to best approach some of the struggles that children face in today’s world, such as having a parent in “timeout” as Ally the alligator does in Ally Alone.

Each of Baxter’s Corner’s titles has earned the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award®, including Ally Alone, Gerome Sticks His Neck Out, Ellema Sneezes and Sideways Fred. In addition to the Mom’s Choice Award®, Oakley in Knots received the 2018 Creative Child Award and What a Tree It Will Be! was honored with the 2018 International Book Excellence Award. 

The books are designed for discussion and each features an important “Go Beyond” section, which provides additional ideas, questions and activities that specifically support the theme of the book, including a “Stop and Think” section to help reinforce the point of the story, make connections to real life situations, and motivate the child to be his or her best self.

The books’ author (Chief Pencil) Linda Villwock Baker and illustrator (Chief Crayon) Mary Ellen Stottmann are both committed to the company’s mission to use creative storytelling to affect better behavior choices through open discussion between children and adults about values and ethical topics that challenge today’s society and have reached out to community partners to develop programming toward that end. For the past five years, Baker and Stottmann have worked with the Cabbage Patch Settlement House to conduct a Young Authors Camp each summer.

“At Cabbage Patch Settlement House, 80% of our kids are deficit readers, not reading at grade level, and what they tell us is that they don't think reading is fun. Through our work with Baxter's Corner, they find out that reading can be fun as they also learn how to integrate values such as differences in people, compassion, and social negotiation skills that turn young people into successful adults,” said J. Tracy Halladay, Executive Director of The Cabbage Patch.

In addition, Ally Alone has been used as part of the Bridge to Success Family Day at Roederer Correctional Complex in Buckner, Kentucky and Gerome Sticks His Neck Out has been distributed to graduates of the Urban Leadership Alliance Seminar(ULAS) for their children as part of the Urban Leagues’ efforts to provide tools to keep young African American men on a constructive path to high-level employment.

Most recently, Baxter’s Corner has partnered with Family Scholar House (FSH) to provide Family Storytime Camp, a social literacy program that brings parents together with their children for a Baxter’s Corner book reading and a facilitated discussion with parents to help encourage positive follow up with their kids. Said FSH Program Director Kristie Adams, “We are delighted to work with community partners such as Baxter’s Corner to provide activities, including Family Storytime Camp, that focus on education for our young readers and the entire family. It is our goal that through education and social support, we can effectively help them break the cycle of poverty for their children and future generations.”

Collection I is now available in hardcover and at the discounted price of $78.25 through the end of the year. After the first of the year, Collection I will retail for $95.00, a package discount on the total price of $111.78 if the books are purchased individually. To receive this substantial discount, purchasers should go to and use the Promotional Code: SML111518 at checkout.

According to Stottmann, who is also the Managing Partner of Baxter’s Corner, “Early childhood is a critical time of development. For that reason, we would like to see every child in Kentucky under the age of five have access to these stories as well as our growing library of values-based books. We want children to grow up learning how to make healthy social and behavioral choices.”

“As a business, social and artistic venture, we are most proud of growing our community through relationships and partnerships that help us spread our message about helping young children learn to make better behavioral choices as they grow up,” Baker said. “Our hope is to leave a legacy for generations to come by changing children’s lives…one story at a time.”

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