Ellema the Elephant Explains Her Sneezes


From the Around the Corner Newsletter, Issue 1:

Did you know that there are all kinds of sneezes? When I sneeze with my very long nose everyone notices! But you should hear the teeny tiny little ppffffttt  noise that my friend, Tajo the Tarantula makes when he sneezes. (Actually, you really can't hear it. I just know he's sneezing when his eyes snap shut and his body shakes.)
         The first time I sneezed at school, my classmates ducked under their desks! I thought it was funny, until they quit sitting beside me to avoid my sneezes. That made me sad. I can't help that I sneeze. You see, I'm very allergic to peanuts, and lots of the kids bring peanut butter sandwiches to school.  All it takes is one little whiff and I start sneezing.
          I realized my BIG sneezes bothered others. So, I learned a way to sneeze into my elbow that didn't make so much noise and blow things in the air. The other kids no longer mind my sneezes. Now they ask me to blow up balloons, make kites fly, and keep them cool when it gets hot. See you Around the Corner!

 Your friend, 
 Ellema the Elephant

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