Tips to Make Sure Your Child is Back-To-School Ready

Heading back to school is an exciting time, but it can also be a source of anxiety and stress. Here are a few tips to help make sure your child is back-to-school ready!

1. Make the transition back to an earlier bedtime.
If you are like most families, bedtime in the summer tends to be a little later than during the school year. However, getting adequate sleep is an important step to start the year off right. But don’t change the time all at once. Have your child go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night the week leading up to school. This will help the transition back to a routine bedtime.

2. Talk about school. Children might not know what questions to ask, but they probably want to know what to expect. Help ease any worries, and let your child know that their emotions are heard.

3. Read and write with your child. There are so many studies that suggest reading to children is a great way to prepare them for school, but writing with your child can be beneficial, too. All you need is paper and a writing tool. Come up with a sentence together, and help your child with any letters they have not yet mastered. When the sentence is complete, have your child read it to you while pointing to each word. Writing with your child helps with directionality, one-to-one matching, and learning how to read.

Wishing you and your child a smooth start to the new school year!

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