On Elf Patrol with Ellema the Elephant


From the Around the Corner Newsletter, Issue 9:     

     It was the first of December and Ellema the Elephant eagerly dug through her closet. Now that Christmas time had arrived, she needed a special outfit to wear for a very important job. She found some red-and-white polka dot stockings and a green vest. 
     "Perfect!" she cried. "With my elf hat, I have just what I need to join the Elf Patrol."
     Members of the Elf Patrol were on a quest to be sure no one was left out at Christmas. It was their job to visit neighbors, the custodian at school, the bus driver and the
mail carrier, and thank them for their help all through the year. Some of the patrol members would take Christmas cards to the local senior care facility and spend time with residents who had no family so that they wouldn't be lonely at Christmas. Other members of the patrol would work at a shelter for families, handing out sandwiches and cookies so the families would have something to eat.
     Eveywhere they went, the patrol would sing Christmas carols and say "Merry Christmas!"  Ellema had been practicing the Elf Patrol pledge and could not wait to begin.


We should be kind all through the year
and Christmas is a time for cheer.  
I will be kind to everyone that I know
and spread Christmas cheer wherever I go!

     Ellema put on her stockings, her vest and elf hat. She pinned on her badge and merrily hummed Christmas carols as she ran to join her Elf Patrol friends. This was going to be the best Christmas ever!

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