Mr. Marvin McBoom on How to Help Children Succeed in School


From the Around the Corner Newsletter, Issue 5:

As a teacher, this is my favorite time of year! In my classroom, learning is an adventure. We explore new subjects and discover things we did not know before.

Children naturally want to learn. However, a focus on grade performance can produce stress and anxiety that might cause them to miss learning. To help your children succeed in school, you can celebrate their accomplishments, help them identify their strengths and encourage them to keep trying when they miss the mark.

One suggestion is to have brief One Thing I Learned Today sessions in the car, at the dinner table or as part of a bedtime routine. Be sure to participate in this activity and report something that you learn, as well. For example, “At lunch today, I learned I do not like anchovies!” Regular reminders that they are continually learning  -- at school, at home, at play -- will build a child’s confidence in his or her ability to tackle new subjects.

We all need to keep on learning! See you around the Corner.
Your friend,
Mr. Marvin McBoom, Teacher

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