It's National Stop Bullying Month

October is National Stop Bullying Month, an important topic in schools today. While we always promote kindness in our books, we’ve pulled together five tips for talking to your kids about bullying.

  1. Explain bullying to your child. When kids can recognize bullying, they are better prepared to react safely to it.
  2. Talk about how to react. Help prepare them by teaching them to stay calm, to tell the person who is bullying others to stop, to walk away if needed, and to tell a trusted adult.

  3. Give your child frequent, safe opportunities to talk. You want your child to know they can come to you for help, and you can help reassure them of this by regularly asking about their day or how they’re feeling. 

  4. Listen to your child and recognize their feelings. If your child comes to you for help, listen to their thoughts and acknowledge their feelings to help them feel safe and supported.

  5. Be a positive role model. You are your child’s number one role model. Lead by example for them, and choose kindness.

Learn how Gerome the Giraffe stands up to a bully and makes a new friend in Gerome Sticks His Neck Out.

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