Gerome the Giraffe Stands Tall


From the Around the Corner Newsletter, Issue 4:

     When I stand up straight, I am much taller than all my friends. It used to bother me when other kids laughed and pointed, so I decided to keep my head down to blend in and avoid attention.
     That worked for awhile. But holding my head down did not feel right at all. My neck was not designed to be bent all the time and it started to hurt! 

     Then one day I used my long neck to reach up into a tall tree to rescue a friend who was being bullied. I did not like the way the other kids were treating Tajo, and I knew I could reach him.I raised my head high and walked over to the tree to help. 
When the kids saw me coming, they backed away.
     I learned that being tall isn't so bad, and now I choose to hold my head up everywhere I go, no matter what others may think. 
     See you Around the Corner!

 Your friend,
 Gerome the Giraffe

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