“Gerome Sticks His Neck Out” Grow Chart Wall Decal Earns Two Creative Child Awards


         Creative Child Magazine has presented two of its seals of achievement and desirability to Baxter’s Corner®. The Gerome Sticks His Neck Out Grow Chart Wall Decal has received the Creative Child Product of the Year Award in the category of Kid’s Room Décor, and the Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award in the category of Keepsake Products.

          The Gerome Grow Chart Wall Decal is a removeable piece of art that includes a 25”x55” picture of Gerome the Giraffe and a height chart designed to keep track of a family’s growing children. Gerome Sticks His Neck Out, is one of Baxter’s Corner’s expanding collection of children's books.

          Baxter’s Corner books are meant to encourage intentional discussion of responsible choices and ethical behavior. Each book focuses on a value and the consequences when that value is not embraced.  Baxter’s Corner products are designed to work together and include the books, puppets and wall decals, which are designed to reinforce conversations about the stories. The books and accessories help develop a child’s imagination and encourage embellishment of the stories with his or her own details.
          In addition to the story, each Baxter’s Corner book provides a “Go Beyond” section that helps  create a magical space where children can discover so much more  about what is going on in the story and start conversations with parents and caregivers that can last a lifetime.

         Creative Child Magazine developed its awards program based on the belief that each child should discover what 'creativity' means to them. Studies have shown that children who are given an opportunity to be creative often will exhibit a greater ability to learn in other subjects such as math, reading and writing and that children whose creativity is nurtured at a young age are also often found to have more confidence as they mature and develop through their adolescent years.

          Creative Child Magazine's Awards are unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by more than 60 moms, educators and early education professionals. Therefore, every product is reviewed by the very people who would purchase them.

          All Baxter’s Corner titles are recipients of the Mom’s Choice Award®, including Ally Alone, Ellema Sneezes, Sideways, Fred, Oakley in Knots and What aTree It Will Be!  In addition, Oakley in Knots is a recipient of the 2018 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award and the book’s accompanying wall art received a 2018 Creative Child Product of the Year Award. What a Tree It Will Be! won the International Book Excellence Award® and  Gerome Sticks His Neck Out  has also received the 2019 Independent Press Award® for Distinguished Favorite.

          "We are so excited to be recognized once again by Creative Child Magazine,” said Baxter’s Corner Managing Partner and Chief Crayon Mary Ellen Stottmann. “Creative Child’s goals fit perfectly with our mission to provide creative storytelling to young children that encourages discussion with parents, teachers and caregivers in order to teach valuable life lessons.”

         Each book also has its own set of accessories, including plush toys and original wall art available as decals, posters and canvases to help create the Baxter’s Corner community.                                              

About Baxter’s Corner®

          Baxter’s Corner is a Louisville-based company whose mission is to create stories that are meaningful so that we help shape the character and values of young children. Baxter’s Corner is where Building Character is Child’s Play®

About the Creative Child Awards®

          Creative Child Magazine is a national monthly parenting magazine that expands the definition of creativity by providing originality and spontaneity to parents seeking resources to nurture their child's creativity. Creative Child Magazine's Awards Program includes a two-day event where over 60 guest reviewers are invited to attend a product review. Guest reviewers sit and review each product at every station to ensure multiple reviews. Review forms include written comments and a score value based on criteria that corresponds to the product's category. Upon completion of the event, all scores are tabulated and comments are reviewed. All products submitted, including award winners, are officially announced on our website, www.creativechild.com.

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