Baxter's Corner featured in "Derby City Storytime"

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Baxter's Corner, was featured as part of "Derby City Storytime," in the April 13, 2017, edition of The Voice-Tribune.

Reporter Tonya Abeln writes, "If you’ve ever found yourself muttering, “Kids these days…” you’ll be thrilled with the mission of Baxter’s Corner, a new Louisville-based company whose mission is to use creativity and storytelling to affect behavior choices. Their motto, “Building Character Is Child’s Play,” serves to open discussion between children and adults about values and ethical topics that challenge today’s society."

The recently released “Gerome Sticks His Neck Out,” adds to that line of Baxter’s Corner’s values-based children’s books. Gerome is a shy young giraffe who is uncomfortable standing out among his peers due to his height. He keeps his head low to the ground, an act that helps him to fit in and keep a low profile but doesn’t feel right. When he sees a friend being bullied, Gerome steps out of his comfort zone and sticks his neck out to help his friend. 

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