Young Illustrator Camp Scheduled

Community Involvement

Baxter's Corner will lead a new camp this year over spring break at Cabbage Patch Settlement House.

Based on interest in the storytelling camps from past summers, Baxter's Corner and Cabbage Patch have developed a new camp intended to take children further into the publication process.

At the spring camp, youth will learn the process of preparing illustrations for print, from determining which scenes to illustrate, to producing final artwork through the stages of concept, sketching, and color layering. 

Campers will be producing illustrations based on the book THE CATASTEROUS CRUISE, which was written by campers at the 2015 Young Storytellers Camp. Following the illustration camp, Baxter's Corner will then professionally edit, illustrate and print the book for sale to raise funds for youth services at Cabbage Patch.

The book will be the second in a new youth-authored series called Tales from the Patch, featuring stories by Cabbage Patch campers.

Artist Mary Ellen Stottmann and author Linda Baker, co-founders of Baxter's Corner, will lead the illustration camp, and a third storytelling camp will be held this summer. For details about the camps or youth services at Cabbage Patch, contact Mayghin Levine, 502.634.0811.

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