"Gerome Sticks His Neck Out" - Story About Compassion
"Gerome Sticks His Neck Out" - Story About Compassion
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"Gerome Sticks His Neck Out" - Story About Compassion

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by L.S.V. Baker

“He no longer stuck out, his height no longer laughable. But with his head hanging low, he felt most ungiraffeable.”

Gerome Sticks His Neck is a fun, rhyming story about compassion that focuses on doing the right thing to help others even when it is hard. When Baxter’s Corner character Gerome the giraffe spots someone being mean to a spider name Tajo, he decides to stand up for him. In the end, Gerome and Tajo become the most unlikely best friends.

At the end of the story, we give you the opportunity to speak to your value of compassion and what you think is important for your child in their early learning years. Simply ask the questions and complete the activities using the back of the book, and you will be surprised where the conversations might lead you.

Building Character is Child’s Play®

Our books are designed to enhance speaking and listening skills though activities and conversations centered on values. Each Baxter’s Corner story contains a magical message for a child to learn. They are referenced in the back pages of each book; we call this our GoBeyond section. Children are motivated to make positive behavior choices as they begin to understand how their actions affect themselves and others. This begins to build responsibility and accountability.

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“They write and illustrate the most wonderful children’s books designed to help both caregivers and children navigate life’s struggles in a healthy way. The books also include supplemental activities to help caregivers engage children in conversations about what they’ve learned and how they can apply the main message/theme to their lives.”
Benjamin Gies, 
Policy and Advocacy Director, Kentucky Youth Advocates
Gerome Sticks His Neck Out is definitely character building reading for young readers, teaching respect for others and a positive awareness of community. “
James A. Cox, Editor, Midwest Book Review
Children’s Bookwatch, The Social Issues Shelf
Gerome Sticks His Neck Out is an engaging and stimulating book for young children. Lessons about friendship and standing up for what’s right are the dominant themes in this sweet story.”
Kristina Davis Christensen, M.Ed.
Head of School Friends School, Louisville, KY

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