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"Who's Who with Mr. McBoom" Hard Cover book with Large Activity Insert

$ 21.95

Who's Who with Mr. McBoom is a story about family values.

by Stephanie Logsdon

"There are all kinds of families, but few are like mine. The truth is that families are hard to define."

**Our book includes a 21" x 14" insert. Front side, each of our eight character's has a family tree, animal facts, and definitions. You can have fun comparing these family trees with your children. The back is a grid with instructions on how to make your own family tree with your child.

Who's Who with Mr. McBoom focuses on all different families by introducing our eight main characters. We give you the opportunity to speak to your values as a family and what you think is important to your child in their early learning years. Simply ask the questions in the back of the book, you will be surprised where a conversation might lead you.

Each story contains a magical message for a child to learn. They are referenced in the very back pages of each book. Children are motivated to make positive behavior choices as they begin to understand how their actions affect themselves and others. This begins to build responsibility and accountability.

**An insert is with your book when ordered through If not just email a request to: with your mailing address. We will mail you one.

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