The Gang at Baxter's Corner - Removable Decals of 7 Small Images
Baxter's Corner

The Gang at Baxter's Corner - Removable Decals of 7 Small Images

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Building Character is Child's Play

The lovable animal characters from Baxter’s Corner series of children’s books come to life with these vibrantly-colored, removable decals. Made of sturdy vinyl, this set includes one sheet of 7 small decals, from 8.5” wide to 18” tall for use throughout your child’s nursery or playroom. The decals can be applied to walls and furniture, and are removable so they can be used again and again.

Meet Ally the Alligator, Ellema the Elephant, Fred the Frog, Gerome the Giraffe, Olivia the Orangutan, Oakley the Octopus and Tajo the Tarantula. These characters are featured in a series of children’s books from Baxter’s Corner, also available through Amazon.

The decals will animate your nursery and engage your child’s imagination as you scatter them throughout the room. Animal decals are the perfect décor for nurseries. Not only do they add vibrant splashes of color, but also with these decals your child will learn about animals and jungle creatures.

The removable decals can provide years of fun as your child grows. Perfect for a nursery, the decals appeal to older children as well, and can remain part of a decorating theme that will grow with your child. Coordinates with other Baxter’s Corner decals, canvas art, puppets and books to create a rich learning environment for your child.

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