The Gang at Baxter's Corner - 7 Gallery Wrapped Canvases
Baxter's Corner

The Gang at Baxter's Corner - 7 Gallery Wrapped Canvases

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Building Character is Child's Play

Meet the Gang, Ally the Alligator, Ellema the Elephant, Fred the Frog, Gerome the Giraffe, Oakley the Octopus, Olivia the Orangutan, and Tajo the Tarantula. Six are 18” x 18”, one 18” x 54”, all made of high quality printed canvas, hand-stretched over custom wood frame and gallery wrapped around the sides for a finished edge that needs no frame and is exceptionally durable.

Each background teaches the youngest child shapes, different colors and counting. Ally’s painting teaches the crescent moon shape. Ellema’s teaches squares, Fred’s’ teaches stars, Gerome teaches half moon (or circle), Oakley teaches rectangles, Olivia teaches circles while Tajo’s teaches triangles.

  • Perfect for:  1) a grandparent or caregiver to gift to a child, 2) a parent to decorate their baby’s nursery or child’s room, 3) a baby shower gift idea, or 4) a teacher to use in the classroom to teach students in conjunction with our collection of books featuring our Gang!
  • Our customers are usually purchasing these canvases of each of our characters individually. Now you may buy these as a set for less!
  • You can find many accessories to match – shop our collections!

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