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Baxter’s Corner & Folkmanis

Tajo Gift Set - "Why Stop For Tajo" Hardcover, a Story About Respecting Authority + Folkmanis Puppet

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Building Character is Child's Play

HARDCOVER VERSION – Make a little magic with this edition of “Why Stop For Tajo”. Get ready to go beyond with your young reader to a place where exploration and discovery will teach them important skills for the future. 

“Each day after school at a quarter to three, 
a school guard named Tajo stands at Elm and McGee.”

 Tajo the Tarantula is the school crossing guard. Choosing to ignore Tajo’s directions, one youngster finds himself in the path of an oncoming truck. Afterwards he develops a new respect for authority when he considers Tajo’s rules are meant to keep him safe.

With its creepy crawly front legs and realistic fur, this tarantula, Tajo is both fascinating and freaky at the same time. Tinny fingers can make its front legs crawl and your imagination to brings it to life. Tajo is one of the gang at Baxter’s Corner.

Together the book and Folkmanis puppet are endless amounts of fun and learning going beyond the story!

Each Baxter’s Corner book includes a special GoBeyond section to intentionally spur conversation between an adult and child. Let yourself go, you and your child will experience many moments together as you share thoughts and ideas about the story you just read together.

Children’s Books – 3 mo - 8 Years

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