Fred the Frog Removable Wall Decal 34" x 24" from "Sideways Fred" Storybook
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Fred the Frog Removable Wall Decal 34" x 24" from "Sideways Fred" Storybook

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Building Character is Child's Play

A 34” x 24” removable Fred the Frog wall decal. Enhance any area of your nursery, child’s room or child’s furniture with Fred the Frog decals which come from the Baxter’s Corner story, “Sideways Fred”. Caught in mid-jump, complete with beanie, Fred will leap into your child’s heart.

The easy-to-install, removable 34-inch-wide by 24-inch-tall decal in shades of green with accents of yellow and orange, will jumpstart your imagination for decorating. Animal murals are the perfect décor for nurseries and playrooms. Not only do they add vibrant splashes of color, but also with these decals your child will learn about animals and jungle creatures from Baxter’s Corner decals.

Plush animals & puppets are favorite gifts to present to a new born baby. Why not develop that gift into a theme with animals all over the walls? This decal will provide years of fun as your child grows. Beginning at their early months, the art will capture your child’s attention and imagination to interact with the art. The decals appeal to older children as well, and could remain part of a decorating theme that will grow with your child for years.

Each Item from Baxter’s Corner is of Excellent Quality and Value: At Baxter’s Corner we choose only the very best products to sell. Enjoy great pricing & quality. Coordinates with other Baxter’s Corner decals, canvas art, puppets and books, Baxter’s Corner collections bringing extra value to every purchase.

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