Baxter's Corner Collection I of 6 Award Winning Story Books
Baxter's Corner Collection I of 6 Award Winning Story Books
Baxter’s Corner Book Division

6 Award Winning Storybooks from Baxter's Corner

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Baxter’s Corner Collection I

Ally Alone, Ellema Sneezes, Sideways Fred, Oakley in Knots,
Gerome Sticks His Neck Out, and What A Tree It Will Be!,

Each book is a fun, relatable, rhyming story about a different core value which focuses on how we all are unique. The welcoming community of animals and the obstacles they face are reflective of our current society.

Our books are designed to enhance speaking and listening skills though activities and conversations. Each Baxter’s Corner story contains a magical message for a child to learn. They are referenced in the back pages of each book; we call this our GoBeyond section. Children are motivated to make positive behavior choices as they begin to understand how their actions affect themselves and others. This begins to build responsibility and accountability.

Building Character is Child’s Play®
Children do this naturally.
Baxter’s Corner provides you resources with our GoBeyond section in each story,
matching puppets and wall art.
Children’s Books – 3 months - 8 Years
Pair books and matching wall art for the perfect gift! They help bring the stories to life and deepen each child’s understanding. *

*Baxter’s Corner products are designed to work together: Illustrations from each of the books are also available as removable wall decals. As your child becomes familiar with the books, the decals will reinforce conversations about the stories. Paintings of puppet animals, also available, are great for developing a child’s imagination and encouraging embellishment of the stories with his or her own details.

*For the parent or caregiver: Baxter’s Corner books are meant to encourage intentional discussion of responsible choices and ethical behavior. The experience is truly enhanced using a matching  puppet ot a homemade sock puppet.

*For the child: Baxter’s Corner books are lovable and inviting. Children are naturally attracted to the rhymes, vibrant colors, and engaging story. Readers under the age of eight will receive the maximum benefit when guided by an adult reader. Even the newest of babies love to be read to, Babies learn by hearing, seeing, touching, feeling, and feeling.

“They write and illustrate the most wonderful children’s books designed to help both caregivers and children navigate life’s struggles in a healthy way. The books also include supplemental activities to help caregivers engage children in conversations about what they’ve learned and how they can apply the main message/theme to their lives.”
Benjamin Gies, 
Policy and Advocacy Director, Kentucky Youth Advocates

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