Discover a whole new world of learning and playing
Baxter’s Corner & Folkmanis

Discover a whole new world of learning and playing

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with the Gang at Baxter’s Corner

Building Character is Child's Play®

HARD COVER VERSIONS – Make a little magic of your own as you and your young readers go beyond to a place where exploration and discovery will teach important skills for the future. . . .

 This Collection I of six books has sixteen total awards from:

  • Purple Dragonfly Book Award – all six!
  • The Mom’s Choice Awards – all six!
  • Book Excellence Award
  • Independent Press Award

Each story has a matching puppet for the main animal character:

Ally the alligator in “Ally Alone”
Ellema the elephant in “Ellema Sneezes”
Fred the frog in “Sideways Fred”
Mr. Marvin McBoom their teacher in “What A Tree It Will Be!”
Gerome the giraffe in “Gerome Sticks His Neck Out”
Oakley the octopus in “Oakley in Knots”

Baxter’s Corner award-winning stories feature our signature GoBeyond section. As a child becomes familiar with the books during his/her toddler stages, the puppet and other matching products will reinforce conversations about the value of each story developing a child’s imagination. This group of stories present the values of resilience, compassion, respect, cooperation, and determination which are essential life skills. Baxter’s Corner books are for every child from birth to eight years old. Entertaining, yet purposeful, the books can be used in a multitude of ways.

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Children’s Books – 3 Months - 8 Years

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