“Ally Alone” (hardcover) + Puppet + Painting
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“Ally Alone” (hardcover) + Puppet + Painting

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Building Character is Child’s Play®

Children do this naturally, we help the adult achieve this by adding our GoBeyond section of each story we publish.

Each of our story books have matching puppets, stretched canvas, and removable wall decals. Reading to or with a child with visuals bring the stories to life and deepens each child’s understanding of the moral of the story such as respect, determination, resilience, compassion, cooperation, and acceptance.

Our stories are designed to enhance conversations between adults and preschool through primary-aged children. Each has a transforming section that allows caregivers to go beyond and tackle hard subjects like bulling, manners, being different than others, single-parent families, respecting authority, and working with others.

“They write and illustrate the most wonderful children’s books designed to help both caregivers and children navigate life’s struggles in a healthy way. The books also include supplemental activities to help caregivers engage children in conversations about what they’ve learned and how they can apply the main message/theme to their lives.”

Benjamin Gies, Policy Principal, Early Childhood, and Federal Issues
Kentucky Youth Advocates

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