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"Oakley In Knots" softcover

Baxter’s Corner, Publisher

"Oakley In Knots" softcover

$ 14.95

Building Character is Child's Play

"For most of us, shaking hands is quite easy. Shaking hands doesn't make us feel nervous or queasy."

It is polite to shake hands when meeting new people. But which hand should an eight-handed octopus use? Every young reader will applaud Oakley’s discovery of the benefits of his many arms. With vibrant illustrations and rhyming text, it is perfect for reading aloud with your child or grandchild.

A Baxter’s Corner softcover book, Oakley in Knots provides a “Beyond the Story Book” experience. Complete with animal facts, thought-provoking questions and fun learning activities, Baxter’s Corner stories illustrate life’s lessons, helping children to build character around social skills, manners and fundamental values.

Educator guides with core-aligned classroom activities are available for free download on this website - For Parents

Children’s Books – 3 mo - 8 Years

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