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What people said about Baxter's Corner

  • As a parent these series are a wonderful experience! As a teacher you can easily use these books as learning language arts centers!  Babs
  •  - Aiden and Gavin were OVERJOYED by the books!!  Aiden is my little artist and he was so amazed that you did the art in the books.  He looked at the pictures over and over and kept asking me how you did that.  Michelle, Louisville, KY July 2015
  • "What a tree it will be" is much more than just a story! With colorful pictures and catchy verses, the story teaches you to look deeper than you first impression; to come together to create something creative and special with each person’s gifts and creativity. Beyond the story section inspires young children’s minds to create, serve and explore a bigger world outside of their own. There has been careful thought put into the teaching of this book and as a Mom of three little ones, I appreciate the tool the book has become in inspiring conversation and learning with my children.  Misty, mom of three! 2015
  •  “I love the Baxter’s Corner books! Through unique and uncomfortable situations, they encourage and teach solutions while being thoughtful, nurturing and compassionate to children’s feelings in a fun and gentle way.”  Barbara, 2014
  • I gave my daughter a set of books from Baxter’s Corner. (She has three masters’ degrees, Vanderbilt, George Mason, and Boston University, this last one in childhood education.) “They are awesome”, she loved the text, loved the illustrations, and said the two 7 year old daughters read them in one sitting. “They loved them!”  John D, North Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Your website looks great!!  It is very easy to navigate and I love how you can scroll over the paintings and see the puppets.  I will forward the link to my friends and family.  I love every painting.  I think from a Mother's opinion, you have a wonderful product! Giving back to children from your sales makes it that much more appealing!!!  I love it!!!  Marsha, Louisville, KY 2012
  • Read “Ellema Sneezes” to my granddaughter's class. They loved it! The book is a fun read and has a good lesson. I'm sure that my granddaughters and I will read and re-read it for years to come!  Teddy Keller-Calkin, Cody, WY 2012