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Oakley Gift Set Includes "Oakley in Knots" Softcover - Story About Respect + Folkmanis Puppet

Baxter’s Corner & Folkmanis

Oakley Gift Set Includes "Oakley in Knots" Softcover - Story About Respect + Folkmanis Puppet

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Building Character is Child's Play
“Oakley had eight hands. He did not know which to use. When shaking hands with new friends, which hand should he choose?”
  • This edition of "Oakley in Knots" features our signature Go Beyond section with animal facts, crafts, and Stop and Think.
  • “What Do You Think?” questions expand a child’s understanding of the story and illustrations.
  • Geared towards the young reader, these activities are fun ways to develop skills related to the theme of the story through play.
  • Parents and caregivers appreciate the self-guided nature of the section which requires little involvement on their part.
It is polite to shake hands when meeting new people, but which hand should an eight-handed octopus use? Oakley the Octopus worries himself into a knot as he considers his options. At first, his classmates laugh at his predicament. Then a special task reveals the advantages of his many arms.
Brilliantly colored and extraordinary, the Folkmanis® Mini red octopus finger puppet is ready for marine exploration and beach fun!
Together they can be endless amounts of fun going beyond the story!
A Baxter’s Corner book “Oakley in Knots” provides a Go Beyond signature section. Experience along with a Folkmanis octopus puppet the animal facts, thought-provoking questions and fun learning activities, Baxter’s Corner stories illustrate life’s lessons, helping children build character around social skills, manners and fundamental values. Educator guides with core-aligned classroom activities are available for free download on this website:
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