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"Going Bananas in Space" - Written by Cabbage Patch Young Storytellers, Softcover

Baxter’s Corner, Publisher

"Going Bananas in Space" - Written by Cabbage Patch Young Storytellers, Softcover

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Building Character is Child's Play

The Explorer Club at the Cabbage Patch had been experimenting. They had grown a neon tree which yielded phenomenally sweet, creamy, and juicy bananas. Their plan was to investigate the possibilities for intergalactic trade.

 Every young reader will love this unusual turn-of-events story and your purchase will help at-risk children. With vibrant illustrations, enjoy reading this book with your special child and helping them learn more about the wonders of space and making friends that may be different from themselves.

 A Baxter’s Corner softcover book, “Going Bananas in Space!” provides a “Beyond the Story Book” experience. Complete with thought-provoking questions and fun learning activities, Baxter’s Corner stories illustrate life’s lessons, helping children to build character around social skills, manners and fundamental values.

This book is the product of twelve imaginative and creative young people from the Young Authors camp at The Cabbage Patch Settlement House in Louisville, Ky. Your purchase will help more children participate in camp and continue the “Tales from the Patch” series. Find details at

This book explores the boundless potential of childhood while introducing values that help guide young people on a fruitful path to adulthood.

Children’s Books – 6 to 12 Years

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