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"Ally Alone" Hardcover - Story About Resilience

Baxter’s Corner, Publisher

"Ally Alone" Hardcover - Story About Resilience

$ 18.63
by L.S.V. Baker

"No Dad to coach soccer, to play games or read books. No Dad to ride bikes or take fish off of hooks."

Tomorrow is Donuts with Dads Day at school. Ally the Alligator is not looking forward to this special event because she does not have a dad to invite. What will she tell everyone when she shows up alone? Everything turns around when Ally chooses to focus on what she has instead of what she is missing.

Baxter’s Corner – Building Character is Child’s Play®

Parents and educators agree that exposing children to learning values at an early age leads to healthy emotional and spiritual children. 

Baxter’s Corner has a unique series of books designed to enhance conversations between adults and preschool through primary-aged children. Each book has a magical section that allows caregivers to go beyond and tackle hard subjects like bulling, manners, being different than others, single-parent families, respecting authority, and working with others. Matching puppets, stretched canvas wall art, and removable wall decals bring the stories to life and deepen each child’s understanding of respect, determination, resilience, compassion, cooperation, and acceptance.

“They write and illustrate the most wonderful children’s books designed to help both caregivers and children navigate life’s struggles in a healthy way. The books also include supplemental activities to help caregivers engage children in conversations about what they’ve learned and how they can apply the main message/theme to their lives.”
Benjamin Gies, 
Policy and Advocacy Director, Kentucky Youth Advocates

     Children’s Books – 3 mo - 8 Years

    "As an educator for 40 years, I appreciate the Go Beyond feature at the end of each story.  With the activities in this section, parents, grandparents and educators can turn story time into opportunities for lessons about the impact of the choices we make.”

    Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ
    Independent School Administrator Miami, Florida


    “I really like the time-out concept in Ally Alone. It is conveyed on a level children will be able to think through, relate to and ask questions about. Ally goes through a whole emotional processing of the situation in the story. Her body has a response to the stress, she must decide to lie or face her situation, and there is a struggle we experience through her.”

    Misty Hodge, Louisville, Kentucky

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