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 We teach future thinkers! 

The early years are the most critical for learning which children do while playing with our:

  • Stories Featuring Lovable Animal Characters

  • Innovative Puppets & Plushes

  • Whimsical Animal Illustrations

Building character is child’s playTM”

Our picture books, puppets and art entertain children and engage them in creative play that sparks the imagination and helps to develop leadership skills.

Colorful wall art fires the imagination, puppets and plushes encourage play and discovery. The characters come to life in picture books that explore personality traits and challenges that all children experience. All of Baxter’s Corner books provide a “Beyond the Story Book” experience. Complete with animal facts, thought-provoking questions and fun learning activities, Baxter’s Corner stories illustrate life’s lessons, helping children to build character around social skills, manners and fundamental values.

Children learn through play. Our characters, stories and activities, will increase a child’s understanding of the many dynamics that make up human interaction. Through creative play, your child will learn to interact with others as their world expands beyond their immediate circle of family and friends.

That’s why we say, “Building character is child’s playTM.

Louisville, KY you may purchase our books from Carmichael's Bookstore